The Crow Island Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a volunteer organization that oversees programs at our school.  There are more than 50 committees requiring chairpersons and volunteers. It takes more than 250 volunteers to run the PTO’s programs each school year.

We will be forgoing the Job Fair this coming fall; rather, we hope to fill all outstanding volunteer roles electronically.  We will be hosting a coffee for committees with entirely new co-chair positions this spring and we plan to hold an informative PTO meeting in the fall so parents can learn more about the PTO, Crow Island’s traditions, and how you can get more involved.  
Many of you have already graciously volunteered to continue co-chairing a specific committee and/or agreed to serve as a chairperson.  If you have yet to decide how you would like to get involved next year, we hope this form gives you a clear picture of some of the committees in need of a co-chair(s) and/or volunteers.  In addition, on this form, you are able to sign up for Room Parent positions as well as a party host for your child’s grade level.  For questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact either of the VP of Programs for the 2017-18 school year, Amanda Sundt or Megan Riley.  Please consider how you can get involved and thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

PTO Volunteer Form

  • Serve as a room parent for your child's class. Forward important school emails from the VP of Room Parents and/or assist the classroom teacher with Sign Up Genius or disseminating information. Attend coffee/meeting about the job and your role in the fall at the VP of Room Parents' house, Kirby Doonan.
  • Help the Crow Island Resource Center teachers and our partners at Anderson Book Fair Co. to staff the school-wide Book Fair. The Book Fair will be held on November 8th and 9th, 2017. Organize books, help students and parents purchase books as well as assist with a very quick clean-up. Everyone LOVES new books! The Book Fair will be run by Mary Kelly, Mindi Ornstein, Emily Prentice, and Kristi Lohmeier in the fall.
  • Act as liaison between families and the bus drivers. Report any bus related issues to the district and work with them to identify solutions. Coordinate and run a bus evacuation drill at the beginning of the school year. Ride the North and/or South bus a few times at the beginning of the year until the driver is familiar with the route and the students. Thank you Lynda Kolb for being our south of Willow Road representative again.
  • A Crow Island Tradition where a parent from each grade hosts a casual pot luck style cocktail party, at their home, for parents to mingle and celebrate the Crow Island community. Room Parents and parent volunteers will help coordinate the invitation, set-up, and offer any help you might need as host. Please indicate below which grade you would be willing to host a party. The VP of Room Parents will help coordinate the Sign Up Genius for each grade level. The Sign Up will reflect what the host would like to offer in their home (e.g. wine, beer, chips, sushi, etc.) Note: The 4th grade party will be held in the spring in coordination with the graduation festivities.
  • Work with a team to reserve the CI Woods and plan the beloved all-school Crow Island Family Picnic, held in the last weeks of school on a Sunday evening in the Crow Island Woods.Co-chairs coordinate with The Grand for catering. This picnic also includes games for all grades and good times for all.
  • If you’ve got a Suzuki aficionado, this committee is for you. Serve as a liaison between the strings instructor and parents; coordinate parent volunteers for weekly before-school lessons. Plan holiday and spring breakfast parties to support our very own orchestra.
  • Promote environmental awareness at Crow Island, support recycling initiatives, and coordinate Earth Week (April 2018) festivities as well as attend D36 Green meetings relaying back an necessary information to Dr. Pfeffer.
  • We need LOTS of help on Field Day—one of the kids’ absolute favorite and most fun days of the year. Help with games such as shooting hoops, Frisbee-toss and tricycle races. Hand out popsicles and water to our athletes and cheer them on throughout their class competitions. Kate Smith and Ashlea Varca have agreed to co-chair Field Day '18.
  • Help coordinate registration day for incoming 2018-2019 Kindergartners and Parents by recruiting volunteers to assist with registration helping to answer any questions about Kdg and/or forms.
  • Our Landscaping team works with the Crow Island teachers and staff to keep our campus beautiful and enhance the learning experience through flower and bulb planting, outdoor beautification projects and garden planning. Thank you Susan Canmann for a decade's worth of your time on this committee!
  • The New Family Mentor committee co-chairs will match current Crow Island parent volunteer mentors with new incoming families to help them navigate the traditions and rituals of a new school. From learning the traffic pattern of the circle to knowing about the Halloween Ghost Walk, mentors will relay important information and help new families feel warmly welcomed into our community. There will be events for New Families and their mentors in the late summer and early fall but the commitment to mentor is throughout the new family's entire first school year.
  • Math Night is FUN—spend an hour with your kids solving problems and figuring out solutions. Kids can show off their math skills in a fun, creative environment. This is a great way to get involved at a fun EVENING activity!
  • Our annual Parent/Teacher party is a fun night for the CI community typically held in February. Co-Chairs will plan a party, held locally, with food, drinks and entertainment. Donations will be allocated to a specific need identified by the CI PTO and staff. Volunteers are needed to set-up, check-in and clean-up. Sarah Alt and Eimly Baby are the Co-chairs for the party.
  • Crow Island’s biggest fundraiser is an annual tradition in which the students raise a certain dollar amount per lap. This outdoor event includes the CI community and serves to support the PTO, but also allows classrooms to build camaraderie, encourages the students to ask family and friends for support, and promotes good health through exercise and physical fitness. We need many volunteers per classroom to help the day of Runathon. Volunteer to help our athletes as they run laps to help our school community. Mary Kelly, Kim Fiedler, and Anna Jaymont have graciously offered to co-chair Runathon in the Fall.
  • One of our most loved committees by the CI teachers and staff. Help plan monthly treats for our teachers and show them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Laura Roney and Aimee Proctor are again helping with this committee and we are looking for two more co-chairs. This is a fabulous way to get to know our staff.
  • (Formerly Science and Math Expo) Volunteer at the STEAM Expo---help set-up and display our student’s awesome STEAM projects in the lobby and gym as our students show off their Science knowledge, investigative skills, and presentation abilities. Colleen Knupp and Karen Essig are again expertly running the Steam Expo next winter.
  • Represent our school in the community at the FAN and Alliance meetings, share information with the CI parents and staff about the great events happening around the community.

  • Coordinate the documentation of special events for every grade with photos and videos (Butterfly Migration, Spring Sings, Halloween Walk, Immigration, etc.). Photos from K-4th grade will be used in the 4th grade DVD. 4 Co-Chairs are needed. This is a very fun way to be involved with every special school event!
  • Help tidy-up and prepare the Pioneer Room for use by the 3rd grade class, plan an Open House for District 36 Third Grade parents (January). Coordinate parent laundry volunteers for costumes and maintain room as it is used. We are looking for one more co-chair to assist Carolyn Agnew in running the Pioneer Room.
  • Our Book Club has become very popular—choose a book with input from our 4th grade teachers and meet during lunch with interested 4th graders. Facilitate weekly book discussions with the students.
  • Work with class Historians and a committee to produce a DVD commemorating our 4th graders and their journey through Crow Island.
  • Help with this year-end event held in June for 4th grade students and their parents. Tracy Winslow has agreed to co-chair this celebratory event.