Thank you from the Crow Island PTO!

 The Crow Island PTO would like to thank all parents and families for their support.  The Crow Island PTO operates as a non-profit organization under the by-laws of the Central Winnetka PTO.  In addition to funds generously donated by our families, the Crow Island PTO raises funds through various fundraisers throughout the school year including the sale of Crow Island Spiritwear, Run-A-Thon, the Book Fair, rebates from Grand Food receipts, and our Hot Lunch Program.  Notably, last year we successfully implemented a Hot Lunch Program run through Marla’s Lunch.  We were able to hold prices consistent with previous years while increasing hot lunch availability to five days per week and increasing the variety and choice of lunch options for our students while decreasing the reliance on parent volunteers.

As a result of our fundraisers and our families’ generous donations, the Crow Island PTO has been able to provide funding for the following staff requested needs over the past 12 months:

  • New cooperative games for the first grade rooms.
  • Significant investment in a sensory Pilot Program for Regulated Learning including standing desks, ball chairs, and verco rockers for placement throughout the school at various grade levels.
  • Bird feeders and various other enhancements to the first grade playground, Santiago’s Garden and classroom courtyard areas
  • Furniture and Bird Feeders for the third grade classroom courtyard areas
  • Replacement looms for the Third grade Pioneer Unit
  • Addition of an African Drum set and replacement of the Acoustic Guitar for Music
  • FITLIGHT Trainer System and Mini Projector for use by all KW students
  • Picture Book library for the Art Room
  • Bilingual Rug, Bean Bags and a Puppet Theatre for the Spanish Room
  • Investment in materials for the new “Maker Space” in the Crow Island resource center
  • New family swag
  • Run-A-Thon for all students

Many of these projects are on-going and we need your continued support.  Below is a copy of our budget for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the budget items, please contact Deirdre Franklin, Treasurer, or Maxie Clarke, President.  Thank you again for your generous support!

PTO-budget for website 2 2017-2018