Traditionally, Crow Island Room Parents have collected paper checks or cash from parents for teacher and associate gifts.  Now the PTO offers a more convenient, online option for parents to contribute to class gift funds.  As in previous years, the money collected will be used for monetary holiday gifts for classroom teachers and associates.  Contributions will also allow parents to provide holiday gift cards for associates who float between multiple classrooms as well as Specials (KW, Music, Art, and Spanish) Teachers, Pupil Services teachers and administrative staff who work with our children each and every day.  A portion of these funds will be held back for room parents to purchase, or make with their classroom students, a personal end-of-year gift for their teacher and associate(s).

As always, contributions of any amount are appreciated. In line with previous years, and in order to include our Specials Teachers, Pupil Services and Floating Associates, the PTO suggests a contribution of $45 per student.

Two options to donate:

  1. You can use / open a PayPal account: There will be a choice to pay by credit / debit or electronic check (please make payable to Crow Island PTO).
  2. You can pay with a credit or debit card without opening a PayPal account.  

If you are uncomfortable paying online, please fill out the form and select “paper check” in the purchase drop down box.  Checks payable to Crow Island PTO can be given to your room parent.

All donations are optional but are very much appreciated by our wonderful teachers, associates and staff!  We hope you will join us as we show our gratitude for the hard work of all Crow Island Teachers and Staff!


Please direct any questions to Kirby Doonan, VP Room Parents at

Thank you,

Crow Island PTO