The Run-a-thon, the Crow Island PTO’s largest fundraising event of the year, is a school tradition that dates back to 1985.  The Run-a-thon promotes school spirit and physical fitness while raising funds for our school.  It’s special because the money raised for the school is tied to the children’s participation and accomplishment.  For this reason, the Run-a-thon is a meaningful replacement for other possible fundraising events (such as an annual auction).

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The 2017 Run-a-thon will take place on Friday, October 6th.  On that day, all children in grades 1-4 are encouraged to run or walk 30 laps around an assigned track behind the school.  As each lap is completed, parent volunteers mark off the lap on a placard attached to each student’s back.  It’s OK if a child completes fewer laps than the goal…and the Run-a-thon is not a race.  The real aim on that day is to participate with classmates, get some exercise, and have fun!

How the Run-a-thon raises funds for Crow Island
In the weeks leading up to the event, children request donations from family and friends to support the Run-a-thon.  In exchange, they promise to do the best they can on the day of the Run-a-thon, completing as many of their laps as they can and cheering their friends’ efforts at the same time.  In this way, the fundraising component is linked to the children’s efforts on Run-a-thon day.

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All children will receive a t-shirt with a specially designed crow from the PTO!!


Run-a-thon Chairs: Mary Kelly, Anna Jaymont, Kim Fiedler and Jenny Morehead