For contact information, please refer to the Crow Island Directory. For additional details about the PTO Board or any committee, please email

Executive Board 2017-2018  
President Maxie Clarke
President-Elect (VP, Room Parents) Kirby Doonan
Vice President, Programs Amanda Sundt, Megan Riley
Vice President, Communications Kelly Coughlin
Assistant, Communications Anna Gardner
Treasurer Deirdre Franklin
Assistant Treasurer Sara Knight
Secretary Robin Scheier
Event Committees  
VP of Program Contact Amanda Sundt
Art Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Goggin
Bike Safety (2nd) Erin Kraft, Jenny Morehead, Erin Warmus
Pioneer Room (3rd) Carolyn Agnew, Amy Jennings
Immigration Day (4th) Jill Dillingham, Robin Scheier, Tracy Winslow
Crow Island Picnic Jenny Ellis, Nicole Rowean, Chrissy Taylor
Field Day Ashlea Varca, Kate Smith
1st Grade Parent Party Host – Fall Jeannine & Todd Vender
2nd Grade Parent Party Host – Fall Christine & Jeff Morse
3rd Grade Parent Party Host – Fall  Jena and Richard Radnay
Fourth Grade Parent Party Host – Spring Jennifer and Cass Baker
Math Night 1/2

Math Night 3/4

Wendy Shpiz, Stephanie Wheat

Emily Reynolds, Buffy Maier

Nominating Jennifer Baker
Parent/Teacher Party Sarah Alt, Emily Baby
Picture Day Jeannine Vender
Run-a-thon Mary Kelly, Anna Jaymont, Jenny Morehead, Kim Fiedler
School Supplies Erin Warmus
Spirit Wear Erin Ritchie, Stevie Rush
Staff Luncheon Allison Weise, Lindsey Craig, Sharon Maute
Staff Appreciation Week Diana Connolly, Lindsey Maurer
STEAM Expo Colleen Knupp, Karen Essig
Traffic Safety Shannon Pope, Emily Baby
Walk To School Week Racheal Schulenberg, Kelli Knoble
On-Going Committees
VP of Program Contact Megan Riley
Historians (1st) Lynda Kolb – Lead, Mindi Ornstein, Claudia Cesca
Historians (2nd) Anna Gardner – Lead, Stephanie Wheat, Jenny Morehead, Kate Van Vlack
Historian (3rd) Claudia Cesca – Lead, Kristina Bornhoeft, Lynda Kolb, Megan Riley, Mary Kelly
Historian (4th) Anna Gardner and Heather Meta – Lead, Sara Kirkpatrick, Lynn Noreuil Laura Gardner
Girls On the Run Brook Bayly, Cindy Razeghi, Jane Devron
Grand Receipts & Box Tops  Alexis Baby, Jacko Blair
Hot Lunch Coordinator Stephanie Whitney
Hot Lunch Volunteer Coordinator Kendra Drodz
Landscaping Sarah Alt
Lost and Found Sara Kirkpatrick
New Family Chair Traditions Alison Weise, Katie Murphy
New Family Mentors Kelly Coughlin, Beth Rusie, Cynthia Rapp
Staff Appreciation Ongoing Laura Roney, Aimee Walters, Claire Storino, Wendy Shpiz, Megan Ratke
Stewardship Jennifer Baker
Environmental Sharon Maute, Lindsey Craig
Strings Lisa Eidelman, Cynthia Rapp
WPS Foundation Cynthia Rapp
 FAN  Kendra Drodz

4th Grade Committees

4th Grade Coordinator – Jill Dillingham

4th Grade Book Club – Emily Reynolds, Karen Essig, and Cynthia Rapp

4th Grade DVD – Anna Gardner, Sara Kirkpatrick, Heather Mehta, Lynn Noreuil, Laura Gardner

4th Grade Party – Tracy Winslow

4th Grade Photos – Shannon Pope

4th Grade T-Shirt – Stevie Rush and Erin Ritchie

Financial Coordinator – Allison Weise

4th Grade Yearbook – Colleen Walker, Molly Cassin and Tracy Harre