School Nurse

The Crow Island school nurse is available each day from 8:00 am until 3:45 pm. Please feel free to call her with any concerns at 847.446.1048; this number has 24-hour voice mail. Please call the nurse any time your child has a contagious disease, whether it occurs on the weekend, during vacation or on a school day. Contagious diseases that should be reported include strep throat, pink eye, whooping cough (pertussis), and chicken pox. Head lice should also be reported as soon as they are suspected.

Health Forms

All health forms for the district are available here.

Absence Due to Illness

The school must receive a note or a phone call (please call the school nurse at 847.446.1048) as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00 am on the day of a child’s absence from school for any reason (there is voice mail). Children who are ill in the morning should not return to school in the afternoon unless their morning absence and permission to return have been discussed with the school nurse, at 847.446.1048. Because it is frequently very difficult for the school to reach a parent, reporting your child’s absence assures you and the school that your child is in safe hands. If a child has been in school in the morning and does not return in the afternoon, please be sure to call the office. Any child who is running a fever should remain at home until the temperature has been normal without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hours.  This gives the child an opportunity to recover completely and avoids exposing other youngsters to your child’s illness.


More and more children are being diagnosed with severe food allergies. For many of the children, eating, touching, or even breathing a tiny amount of the food they are allergic to can result in anaphylaxis and even death.

  1. If your child is diagnosed with a food allergy, please meet with our school nurse.
  2. Provide only commercially packaged foods with preprinted labels OR fresh fruits and vegetables OR non-food items (such as stickers and books) for classroom snacks or parties. Check the ingredients to make sure there are no nut or peanut products in the snack. Please do not send nut or peanut products to school for classroom treats. No nut or peanut products are allowed on any field trip.
  3.  Have conversations with your child, whether s/he has an allergy or not, about the seriousness of allergies. Please refer to the  district website for the district food allergy guide.

Medication in School

The following procedure must be followed for your child to receive medicine in school:

  1. The school must have a written order from your physician stating dose, time, interval, side effects and duration.
  2. A signed permission form from parent or guardian is required; forms are available in the nurse’s office or on the district website.
  3. Medication delivered to the nurse should be in the original container – both prescription and non-prescription – NEVER a baggie or envelope.
  4. All medication is to be administered by the school nurse or parent.
  5. For their own protection, children must never carry or take medicine on their own.

Call the school nurse if you have any questions (847.446.1048).

Annual Screenings

Each year the school conducts screenings of all Crow Island students for head lice and vision/hearing. Head lice screening takes place in the fall. Parents will be notified via the Crow Island Bulletin about the date for vision/hearing screening. Please ensure that children who wear glasses bring them to school that day.

Medical Emergency Procedure

A call will be made to the parent at home or at his/her place of business except when the nature of the emergency does not allow sufficient time; then paramedics are called immediately. If neither parent can be reached, the adult designated on the emergency card and the family physician are contacted. If it is necessary to transport the child to a local hospital, the paramedics can go to one of the following hospitals:  Evanston (all head injuries), Glenbrook, or Highland Park. If you have a preference of one hospital, please note this in your child’s emergency information. However, in a life or death situation, the paramedics must transport the child to the nearest hospital, which is Evanston.