Box Tops for Education makes it possible to earn cash for schools by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products.  Crow Island receives 10 cents for each Box Top coupon submitted.

Box Top coupons are easy to find on a variety of products.  Items with Box Tops on them include ziptop bags, Kleenex, cereal, Progresso soups, diapers, and various school supplies (notebooks, stickers, etc.). Box Tops can be collected all year round (please save them in the summer, too). There are two options for collecting box tops:

  • Simply remove the Box Tops symbol from the product.  Just inside the front door of Crow Island, you will find a large cardboard stand for Box Tops with a mail slot on the front of it.  Please place your collected Box Tops here.
  • Box Tops now has an app where parents can scan their store receipt, and Crow Island’s earnings are updated automatically online. Receipts can be scanned anytime within 14 days of purchase right from your phone! If you find products that still have the clip-out box tops, please continue to turn those into the school, as Box Tops transitions to their new format. CLICK HERE for more information and to download the app.

In the past, Crow Island’s Box Tops program has averaged about $200 every 6 months. However, if each student could collect just 20 box tops per year, we would double that amount and get a check for $400 every 6 months!  What an easy (and free) way to contribute to our school!

For more information about the program and the products that include Box Tops for Education, CLICK HERE.